Some great posts have been written this past week from the IATEFL Conference about writing materials for students. They’ve been obviously geared towards English Language Learners, but I think a lot of the advice is useful for hand-outs and online lessons we create for non-ELLs, too (and when we have students create learning materials for classmates).

I hope readers will contribute other resources in the comments.

Here’s a beginning list:

Sandy Millin has written a great summary, and I learned about other resources from that post, too.

Lizzie Pinard has written several posts, and I think her first and third ones are particularly useful.

Olya Sergeeva also wrote an excellent summary.

I know lots of others have offered good advice over the years — what should I add to this list?

Since a lot of this advice could apply to those who are writing books, I’m also adding a link to this post to So, You Want To Write A Book? Here’s The Best Advice…