I’ve heard that that it may no longer required to videotape International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge Oral Presentations any longer, but I don’t know that for a fact (if you know for sure one way or another, please leave a comment).

Either way, though, I will continue to be doing so — students clearly take it a little more seriously when they are being videotaped, and the best ones (with permission) are always good for me to post on our class blog for future models. I know that many other TOK teachers around the world show them, too.

On challenge with using an iPhone 6 (or any iPhone) to videotape student group presentations that may be between thirteen and twenty minutes long, however, is that they are too long to upload to YouTube the usual way – you’ll be prompted to shorten it.

There are probably lots of alternatives to the process I use, but it’s simple and easy and I thought some teachers might find it useful — whether you teach TOK or just do other student projects that are longer videotapes.

The YouTube Capture app works great. I just click on the app, click on video to access my Camera, type in the title, tap on it, and it starts uploading. I’ll do the same for multiple other videos to get in the queue and several hours later (it does take quite awhile for it to upload so I usually do it overnight). They are all uploaded to my YouTube Channel (as private, unless I have received permission to make it public).

The only other thing I have to do is set the “lock” setting to “Never.” iPhones go to sleep automatically after one minute if you don’t go to Settings/General/Auto Lock and change the time. The Capture app automatically pauses when the screen locks, so changing that setting when you’re uploading a video is a critical step.

Speaking of videotaping student presentations, I’ve also found that the Ampridge MightyMic S iPhone Shotgun Video Microphone is worth the price to pick up good audio from students who are speaking.

How do you upload multiple lengthy student presentation videos for TOK or for other projects?