world history

This year, I taught World History to English Language Learners, and it was the first time I had taught it in several years.

To support instruction, I created a World History Class Blog. It has what I think are the most accessible online resources out there to English Language Learners.

Though it specifically follows the chapters in our textbook, Access World History by Great Source (by the way, thanks to Mary Ann Zehr for originally sharing it with me), it pretty much follows the chronology of events that most World History textbooks use.

Feel free to use it with your classes and to also recommend other resources I should add it to it.

Right now, it’s missing resources for the final two chapters, but I’ll be taking care of that in the next week or two…

One difference, though, between this one and the blogs I have for my other classes is that you won’t find uploaded materials that I use for lessons, and you won’t find student examples of work. But I still think the online resources on it are very useful.