The famous trolley problem is one that I suspect all IB Theory of Knowledge classes consider during the year.

Here are a variety of useful videos that address it. I particularly like the first one, which is really the first in a series of four from the PBS (they all automatically start when one ends), and the second from the BBC:


MIT’s “Moral Machine” Is Most Engaging Version Of “Trolley Problem” You Will Find

Here are a couple of lighthearted additions to that list:

TED-Ed has released a new lesson and video on the famous Trolley Problem:

Mercedes Programs Its Self-Driving Cars To Not Worry About Ethics: “Be Careful If You See One Coming”

Video From “The Good Place” About The Trolley Problem

Does the Trolley Problem Have a Problem? is from Slate.

Absurd Trolley Problems is a fun site.

Trolley Problem offers various…trolley problems.