I’ve written a lot about positive classroom management writer/thinker Marvin Marshall.

He’s just written a post sharing a long list of questions teachers can keep in their back pocket to ask students who could be making better choices in class.

Here are a few, but you want to go to his blog to read all of them:

• Is this going to get you what you want?
• Is this going to move you forward or backward?
• What can I do to help you?
• Are you going to let this (situation, person, problem, setback, disappointment etc.) hold you back?
• Are you going to be able to rise above this _______ (situation, disappointment, etc.)?
• Look at _______’s face. How is he/she feeling right now as a result of (what you have done/said)?

I’m adding this post to The Best Posts On Classroom Management.