Since I posted my request for video clips demonstrating metacognition a few hours ago, I’ve received lots of suggestions.

I have turned that post into The Best Movie/TV Scenes Demonstrating Metacognition – Help Me Find More and added these to it:

Here’s one from Krissy Venosdale:

Jim Windisch recommended Sherlock’s “Mind Palace.” Here’s a link to a good clip (it’s not embeddable).

Leigh Woznick suggests this scene from The Princess Bride:

Leigh also suggests this scene from The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon teaches Penny physics. The most useful part is at about the 4:00 minute mark when Penny tells him she needs for him to slow down:

Metacognition researcher Steve Fleming suggests this Big Bang Theory clip:

I’m wondering if the Beatles song “Help” might work as an example, too: