As recent readers know, I’ve been doing research on metacognition as part of developing a new lesson plan. Effective note-taking could be an effective metacognitive strategy, and I thought I’d start a list of some resources and invite readers to contribute more:

If you need it, here’s a simple explanation of the Cornell Notetaking System.

4 Popular Note Taking Strategies is from Exam Time.

Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students is by Vicki Davis.

Learn To Take Better Notes – 3 Note Taking Strategies Compared

Note taking Strategies for ELL Students in Content Area Classrooms

Visual Notetaking in the Classroom is by Wendi Pillars.

How English-Language Learners Have an Edge is by James Boutin.

The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking is from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Another Study Finds Note-Taking By Hand Is More Effective Than By Digital Device

Digital Note Taking Strategies That Deepen Student Thinking is from MindShift.

6 Strategies for Taking High-Quality Notes is from Edutopia.

Good NY Times Column On Ineffectiveness Of Note-Taking On Laptop During Lecture, But What About Ineffectiveness of Lectures?

Noted is a new and possibly helpful note-taking app.

Note-Taking Strategies is from The Learning Scientists.

Note-taking: A Research Roundup is from Cult of Pedagogy.

Power Lesson: Note-Taking Stations appeared in Cult of Pedagogy.

Contexted is a free note-taking tool that converts your notes into a Mind-Map.

WingNotes is a new interesting app for note-taking.

GetKnowT takes notes you take and then turns them into quizzes.

Transno – Quickly Turn Outlines and Notes into Mind Maps is from Richard Byrne.

Nototo looks like an intriguing visual way to organize notes.  Here’s  video demonstration:

NoteBuddy is a new collaborative note-taking site.

Slid lets you take notes on top of videos.

Conotes lets you take notes and then automatically turns them into a PDF version of Cornell Notes.

A Critical Thinking Strategy for Student Note-Taking is from Edutopia.

Desklamp is a new note-taking tool.