The Declaration Project
, which went public just yesterday, collects all the world’s declarations of independence.

Here’s how it describes itself:

The Declaration Project is an interactive site that features a comprehensive collection of declarations of independence and kindred declarations crafted in the U.S. and the world over. While the ‘Declaration Collection’ component of this project is a centerpiece, there are two other key parts to this initiative: ‘My Declaration™‘ gives you the opportunity to compose and post your own declaration, and for others to respond to it. And the ‘Spirit of ’76 Cafe™’ features ongoing participatory explorations of the themes that resonate in our July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence and others included here .

I’m not sure how useful the last two parts are really going to be to teachers or students, but the collection itself could be very helpful.

In some ways it’s like a less slick Constitute, which was created by the University of Texas at Austin and funded by Google, and provides an easily searchable database of the constitutions from 160 countries. The really extraordinary feature there is the ability to search for common themes (click “browse topics”).