I’ve written a lot about my support for Social Emotional Learning, as well as my concerns about how some are trying to manipulate it into a “Let Them Eat Character!” strategy to blame low-income students and their families and not provide the necessary economic and political support they, and our schools, need.

In fact, I wrote about this very topic a few days ago – CNN Video “Can Grit Be Taught?” Shows Its Seductive Attraction & Lurking Danger (If You Look For It).

Paul Krugman wrote a column about Jeb Bush’s recent admonition to American workers about how we need to work more and gave that attitude a great name, The Laziness Dogma.

He makes a number of similar points to my concerns about how some are trying to warp the message of SEL.

Here’s an excerpt from his column:


I’m adding this post to The Best Articles About The Study Showing Social Emotional Learning Isn’t Enough.