YouTube’s Historical Footage Expands, Both Serious and Silly is the headline of a New York Times story about the Associated Press and British Movietone uploading all their historical newsreels to YouTube this week:

The Associated Press and British Movietone, a newsreel archive, are uploading nearly 17,000 hours of historical footage to YouTube, making available a mix of monumental and offbeat news coverage dating to 1895.

The cache will include more than 550,000 videos, available on the channels for The A.P. and British Movietone. With an array of coverage that includes sports, culture, political milestones and natural disasters, the collection will be the largest upload of historical news content yet on YouTube, The A.P. said.

The article has a nice sample of them, too.

You can visit the AP channel on YouTube here and British Movietone’s here.

Here are their two introductory videos: