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Motivation Matters: How New Research Can Help Teachers Boost Student Engagement is a brand-new report from The Carnegie Foundation, and I think it provides the best overview of research on social emotional learning that’s available (I learned about it from The Atlantic).

It provides a well-balanced view of most of the elements considered falling under the “non-cognitive skills” department, and includes extensive criticism of some of them, including grit.

My only qualm with the report is that it takes too much at face value the claims of a consortium of California school districts called CORE (Our Sacramento district used to be part of it but, thankfully, we pulled out over a year ago. You can read more about that fiasco at The Best Posts & Articles On The NCLB Waiver Given To Eight California School Districts (Including Ours). Our District is now doing a great job on SEL under the leadership of Mai Xi Lee, our District’s SEL coordinator.

I’m adding this info to The Best Summaries/Reviews Of Research On Social Emotional Learning – Let Me Know What I’ve Missed.