Here are some recent useful posts and articles on educational policy issues (You might also be interested in The Best Articles & Posts On Education Policy In 2015 – So Far):

Jeb Bush’s Questionable Record on Education is from The Atlantic.

What We’re Missing In Measuring Who’s Ready For College is from Five Thirty-Eight.

Fifty psychological and psychiatric terms to avoid: a list of inaccurate, misleading, misused, ambiguous, and logically confused words and phrases is from Frontiers In Psychology. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Understanding How To Interpret Education Research.

The New, New Framework For AP U.S. History is from NPR. I’m adding it to my previous post on this topic, Irony Alert! College Board Caves On Same Day Petitions Delivered To Recall School Board That Wanted Changes In AP History Class.

To teach only ‘American exceptionalism’ is to ignore half the country’s story is a piece from The Guardian on the same topic.

I’m adding this tweet to The Best Education Articles From “The Onion”: