Wendi Pillars, an ELL teacher for whom I have a lot of respect (you can see the many times I’ve written about her work) was kind enough to write a very positive review of my latest book on student motivation, Building A Community Of Self-Motivated Learners.

Here’s how she ends it:

If you’re looking for resources and ideas that are backed up by research, and run the gamut from teaching students about goal-setting, physically active learners, and flow, to motivating readers and writers, this book is for you. How about classroom management, you ask? Absolutely. One of my favorite chapters is that of learning transfer. I realized I’ve never explicitly taught that before, nor did I know about Backward Reaching Transfer vs. Forward Thinking Transfer. Let me just say, I can’t wait to teach my students to “Be Like James Bond!” (yep, you’ll have to read it to learn about it!)