Here are a number of great resources for teaching writing. I’m adding most to The Best Posts On Writing Instruction:

Richard Byrne writes about the Hemingway App might have turned itself into a useful writing tool and not just a gimmick. I’m adding it to The Best Online Tools That Can Help Students Write An Essay.

Speaking of those kinds of online tools, one that’s already on that list, Write Well, today just announced some useful improvements.

Dylan Wiliam advises: Forget the Rubric; Use Work Samples Instead is a pretty important post by Doug Lemov. Be sure to also check out Dylan William’s comment on it. In addition to adding it to my “Writing” Best list, I’m also adding it to The Best Rubric Sites (And A Beginning Discussion About Their Use).

The Moving Writers have created a great collection of mentor texts. I’m adding it to The Best Websites For K-12 Writing Instruction/Reinforcement.

WISE EYES: Prompting for Meaningful Student Writing is from The National Writing Project. I’m adding it to the same list.

School Writing Vs. Authentic Writing is by Ken Lindblom.