You may, or may not, have followed my recent posts on the on-going fiasco of the California High School Exit Exam – may it rest it peace!

You can see some of those posts at The Best Posts & Articles About Why High School Exit Exams Might Not Be A Good Idea, including Wow! CA State Exit Exam Bill Could Eliminate Test Requirement – Retroactive To 2006.

In a nutshell, the State terminated the contract for giving the exit exam in June, and plans on creating a committee to explore future alternatives.

However, that left large number of students in the lurch, particularly English Language Learners, who had completed all their course requirements, but still hadn’t passed one or both of the exit exams (English, Math). They had been promised another opportunity to take the exam in July, but the state bureaucrats didn’t thinking about them. Many had already been accepted provisionally – in other words, based on their passage of the July exam — into colleges for the fall. A bill in the state legislature would grant them a degree, but not til January 1st.

Fortunately, this month – after an outcry – the California State University system just announced they would accept those students now, even if they had not yet received their diploma.

Here’s are some tweets about what’s been going on the past week: