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“Blended Learning” has become sort of an education “buzzword.” What, exactly, is it?

Here are some resources to begin answering that question. This is just an initial short list – please suggest additions in the comments:

This is a good infographic comparing blending learning with the flipped classroom. I’m adding it to The Best Posts On The “Flipped Classroom” Idea.

How can teachers get devices for blended learning? is from Edutopia.

6 Great Tools for Blended Learning is from Ed Tech Review.

Blended learning revolution: Tech meets tradition in the classroom is from The Christian Science Monitor.

Blended learning: The great new thing or the great new hype? is from The Washington Post.

The Basics of Blended Instruction is from ASCD.

‘A Cat is Not a Dog’ and Other Advice for Blended Learning Teachers is from Ed Surge.

What a blended learning classroom really looks like: An urban teacher’s reboot is from The Hechinger Report.

Here’s a good infographic on blended learning from the Regional Educational Laboratory.

The Why, How, and What of Blended Learning is by Catlin Tucker.

Blended Learning: What It Is and What It Is Not is from Catlin Tucker.

Blended Learning: 4 Models that Work is from Cult of Pedagogy.