As regular readers of this blog know, I’m a big fan of Linda Darling-Hammond’s work – you can see the 75 links to her work I’ve posted here. I also had the privilege of working with her on the state-wide California Educator Excellence Task Force.

She has just announced her retirement from Stanford to begin what sounds like an impressive new education “think tank” called The Learning Policy Institute. You can read her blog about it, as well as subscribe to its Twitter account, @LPI_Learning.

Both Ed Source (New institute in Palo Alto aims to help shape state, national K-12 policy) and Alexander Russo (Darling-Hammond Leaving Stanford To Launch New Policy Research Organization) share a number of details about the new organization.

Its list of Senior Research Fellows looks like a “who’s who” of talented, and progressive, education researchers in the country.

This is big news, and I can’t wait to see what what resources they develop…