The Syrian refugee crisis is a moral challenge to countries, and it appears that Germany – for one – is a nation that will be able to sleep at night because of their response to it.

But what about the United States?

Our country has taken in…..1,300, (though others suggest the number is less than 1,000) and says 5,000 to 8,000 more will be accepted next year.

In the spring, “14 United States senators wrote a letter to President Obama urging that at least 65,000 of the displaced Syrians be allowed to resettle in the United States.”

It will be a tough change in policy to make during an election year, especially in the midst of anti-immigrant hysteria being whipped up by candidates like Donald Trump. But perhaps our lawmakers will be moved by the tragic images being seen by everyone.

Where will whatever number – hopefully tens of thousands – of Syrians refugees be settled in the United States when they arrive?

So far, Kentucky, California, Texas and Illinois appear to be the primary locations. I assume those would continue to be the central places where they would go, but would also assume that Minnesota would be added to the list – the people there seem to welcome every new wave of refugees that come to the U.S.

I hope political pressure continues to build to open our doors wide….