There’s a lot of hand-wringing going on in California today with the release of the first Smarter Balanced Test results,

I’ll be sharing links later in this post to receive detailed info (Ed Source is clearly the best resource), but here is one thing that stood out to me:

65% of English Language Learners did not meet the English or the Math Standard.

I’m concerned about this statistic (and other similar numbers for other demographic groups) not because I think it’s an accurate assessment of student knowledge – it isn’t. I’m concerned because, though California has eliminated the High School Exit Exam for now (see The Best Posts & Articles About Why High School Exit Exams Might Not Be A Good Idea – particularly the posts at the bottom there – to learn about that fiasco), the state is planning to develop a replacement. And they’re talking about connecting it to – you guessed it – these Smarter Balanced tests.

In addition to Ed Source, here are some other links to learn about California’s test results:

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New California tests present sobering picture of student achievement is from the LA Times.

State Schools Chief Torlakson Calls First Year of CAASPP Results California’s Starting Point Toward Goal of Career and College Readiness