Two new helpful, and free, resources on the topic of teaching English Language Learners have just been released over the past twenty-four hours:

The Impact of Discrimination on the Early Schooling Experiences of Children from Immigrant Families is from The Migration Policy Institute.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. How Discrimination in School Affects Young Children

A. The Effects of Discrimination on Children’s Development and Academic Performance

B. Discrimination and Parental Engagement in School

C. The Role of Local Contexts and Attitudes

III. Types of Discrimination Experienced

A. Personal Forms of Discrimination

B. Structural Forms of Discrimination

IV. Reasons for Discrimination in the Early School Years

A. Lack of Meaningful Connections with Immigrant Communities

B. Focus on Immigrant Families’ Deficits Rather than Assets

C. Inadequate Teacher Preparation and Recruitment

D. Testing Pressures in the Early Grades

E. Negative Labels and Concerns over School Readiness

V. Recommendations

The other new resource is a special issue of Voices In Urban Education titled Beautiful Accents: Empowering and Supporting English Learners through School and Community Partnerships.

It’s from The Annenberg Institute For School Reform. In this issue:

We asked a cross-sector group of authors: What role did community partnerships play in supporting the learning and development of English language learners in a culturally responsive way? We defined community partnerships broadly to include nonprofit community organizations, colleges and universities, and families.