Here are some recent useful posts and articles on educational policy issues (You might also be interested in The Best Articles & Posts On Education Policy In 2015 – So Far):

All education needs is another rich person who wants to reform education – and we’ve got it. Laurene Powell Jobs announced a $50 million prize to reinvent high schools, which you can read about in The Washington Post and at NPR’s Marketplace. I have little faith that anything good is going to come from it, especially since the project is being led by one of the key people behind the Vergara lawsuit attacking teachers. I’m adding this info to The Best Resources For Learning About The Role Of Private Foundations In Education Policy.

For a different take on education philanthropy, read this Washington Post piece: Not Bill Gates: Meet Ted Dintersmith, an education philanthropist with a different agenda. I’m adding it to the same list.

Guiding Principles on Teaching, Learning, and Reform is by Larry Cuban. I’m adding it to The Best Articles Providing An “Overall” Perspective On Education Policy.

What We Lose When A Neighborhood School Goes Away is from NPR. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles On The Impact Of School Closures — Suggest More!

Why Teachers Aren’t Getting Their Pensions is from The Atlantic.

Teachers Are Schooling Government on How to Improve Education is from Dame Magazine.

Seattle teachers’ tentative deal tackles issues beyond pay is from The Associated Press.

School districts see teacher shortages after years of cuts is from The Associated Press. I’m adding it to The Best Articles & Posts About The “Teacher Shortage.”