In another somewhat futile attempt to reduce the backlog of resources I want to share, I’m starting this weekly “Ed Tech Digest” post where I’ll share three or four links I think are particularly useful and related to…ed tech:

Chromebooks Command Close to Half of K-12 Computing Market, Analyst Says is from Ed Week. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Using Chromebooks In The Classroom – Help Me Find More.

“Lack of Computers in Schools May Be a Blessing”–OECD Report (Part 1) is by Larry Cuban. It’s his take on the recent OECD report on tech in schools (you can read my analysis at New OECD Report Is Not An Indictment Of Ed Tech – It’s Really An Indictment Of Unilateralism & Professional Development).  I’m adding it to The Best Research Available On The Use Of Technology In Schools.

I’m adding this tweet to The Best Resources For Learning How To Use Google Docs/Google Drive: