As many people know, the Pope is going to make Fr. Junipero Serra a Saint this week.

Whether Fr. Serra deserves to be one is a big question that provides an excellent teaching and learning opportunity – particularly here in California. And it’s great timing since we happen to be studying the California Missions this week, too.

I have collected a bunch of accessible resources related to Serra and the Missions at my U.S. History Class Blog for English Language Learners, including a modified version of an excellent article appearing the San Francisco Chronicle this morning.

I’ll be giving students the following writing prompt:

Fr. Junipero Serra Writing Prompt

The Pope is making Fr. Junipero Serra a Saint this week. Please learn about Serra’s life and the work of the California Missions by looking at the materials and videos on our class blog. Then, list the reasons some people support him being named a saint. Next, write about the reasons why some say he should not be made a saint. Then, say which side you agree with and why.

This is a version of:

They Say

I Say

Why I Say It

Let me know if you have suggestions on how I can make this a better project for my ELL students, including suggestions for additional accessible resources I should add to our class blog.