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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference):

My New Classroom Management Strategy: “How Are You Going To Use Your Power?”

Personalized Learning Is ‘A Partnership With Students’

“Why I Became A Teacher” Is My Latest British Council Post

This Is Interesting: “8 Strategies Robert Marzano & John Hattie Agree On”

Examples Of Student Work From My ELL History Classes

My Latest NY Times Student Interactive For English Language Learners Is On Immigration

Instead Of High School Exit Exams For Civics, Study Suggests SEL Programs Would Be Better Way To Go

Two Useful Videos About Bloom’s Taxonomy

“Strategies For Recruiting Teachers Of Color”

You Can Now Pre-Order Our Book, “Navigating The Common Core With ELLs”

New OECD Report Is Not An Indictment Of Ed Tech – It’s Really An Indictment Of Unilateralism & Professional Development

“Wildfires In The West” Is My Latest NY Times Interactive For ELL Students

An Interesting “Take” On Research “Reproducibility”

Surprise, Surprise – New Research Finds Lectures Aren’t The Best Way To Teach

Excellent Article On Listening AND Writing Prompt I’ll Be Having Students Use With It

Bill Eliminating CA High School Exit Exam Passes Legislature – Will Result In HUGE Increase In ELL Student Motivation

California’s Smarter Balanced Test Results Released – Not Good News For ELLs & Others

Maybe All Of Us Could Learn Something From Coach Pete Carroll

The New Voice Typing Feature In Google Docs Is Great – I Wonder If ELLs Can Use It For Pronunciation Practice?

“Initiative Fatigue,” High School Exit Exams & The Common Core

Disappointing NY Times Article On Teachers & “A Sharing Economy”

A Writing & Speaking Activity For Welcoming Back ELLs

Study Finds No Surprise: Only Between 30 & 40% Of Lessons Are Common Core-Aligned

Wow! Linda Darling-Hammond Starts New Education Think Tank

A Nice Video On The Importance Of Asking Questions – & An Accompanying Writing Prompt

“Clips” Might Be The Easiest Tool Out There For Editing Videos

I Think This Column On Asking Questions Is One Of The Best Piece’s Alfie Kohn Has Ever Written

“I Could Do That” Is A Great Video For Anyone Interested In Close Reading (& For TOK Teachers)

Here’s A Writing Prompt I’m Using With My TOK Students On The First Day Of Class

Very Interesting Study: Students Seeing Teachers Drawing Diagrams Is Better Than Showing Pre-Made Ones

Khan Academy & Pixar Unveil “Pixar In A Box”

“Teach This Poem” Provides A Weekly Poem & Learning Activities To Teachers – For Free

Statistic Of The Day: Employers Want People Who Can “Recognize Patterns”

New ASCD Educational Leadership Issue On Asking Questions – Here Are Highlights