Thanks to Kelly Gallagher, I learned about a brand-new report from America’s Promise Alliance on the reasons why students drop-out of high school. They surveyed 2,000 students who took at least one semester off from school.

Tech Insider took the information and created a chart of the results (their chart is more accessible than the one in the report itself). You can see the entire chart here, and I’ve done a screenshot of the reasons that were at the top.

This is Kelly’s analysis of it:

I would add that it actually seems like schools are the primary influence on five of the top seven reasons.

I’m no statistician, and would love to hear from someone who is and who can comment on the methodology used in this survey.

In a quick Internet search, it appears that a study done in 1993 is often quoted as a source for listing the reasons behind dropping out of school. In that study, four of the top nine reasons were school related.

A lot of food for thought here, especially for those of us who teach in high school….