The Gates Foundation hosted a big meeting on education today, and Bill Gates gave a big speech there. He and his wife, Melinda, were also interviewed for the PBS News Hour.

It doesn’t appear that either of them said anything new, and stated that the Foundation is going to continue to do what they have been doing. I did note Melinda’s suggesting to the PBS News Hour that opposition to standardized student testing was equal to opposing tests for drivers licenses or for doctors.

That is not great news for schools, students, their families or teachers.

First, I’ll share links and videos related to their talks today. Following those, I’ll list some previous posts I’ve published related to Bill Gates and education.

On today’s speech:

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is from Ed Week, and is the best report.

Improving U.S. schools tougher than global health, Gates says is from The Washington Post

Bill and Melinda Gates on the political debate over Common Core standards is from the PBS News Hour.

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