The use of YouTube’s Safety Mode by school districts has made the lives of many teachers more difficult – it’s not very “smart” and so blocks a zillion useful classroom videos.

Here are a couple of posts I’ve written in the past about dealing with it:

Update: School District Filters Using Awful YouTube Safety Mode

Our District Just Activated Awful YouTube Safety Mode – What’s Been Your Experience?

Here’s a new resource that could be useful: How to Download YouTube Videos from PC Magazine.

I’ve also had good luck downloading YouTube videos with SaveFrom.Net and KeepVid.

Richard Byrne published a post about new Google features that might help teachers deal with YouTube’s awful Safety Mode. If you look at the comments section at Google, though, it looks like there is still a long way to go.

My favorite method now is downloading the videos and adding them to my Dropbox.

Any other ideas out there?