I previously shared the first videos and articles about the actions that took place in a South Carolina classroom two days ago (see Video & Articles About South Carolina Policeman Violently Arresting Student – Awful!).

Those are important, and “must-views” and “must-reads.”

In addition, here are some new follow-up resources:

Race and Discipline in the South Carolina Schools is from The Atlantic.

Race and Discipline in Spotlight After South Carolina Officer Drags Student is from The New York Times.

Cops In Classrooms Are Rarely Evaluated is from Five Thirty Eight.

S.C. High School Arrest Tape Reignites Debate Over Police Brutality is from NPR.

FBI, Justice Department investigating S.C. police officer who threw student across classroom is from The Washington Post.

Useful update, but be wary of the headline from NBC News, Sheriff Says Third Video Shows South Carolina Student Punching Officer in Classroom.

South Carolina Video Reveals the Problem With ‘Zero Tolerance’ is from The New York Times.

S.C. sheriff fires officer who threw student across a classroom is from The Washington Post.

S.C. Sheriff’s Deputy Is Fired After Review Of High School Student’s Arrest is from NPR.

Sheriff fires deputy for tossing teen across classroom is from The Associated Press.




DOJ opens civil rights probe into S.C. classroom arrest is from CBS News.

Rough Student Arrest Puts Spotlight on School Police is from The New York Times.

Lessons from the Incident in South Carolina is from Edutopia.

Why So Few School Cops Are Trained to Work With Kids is from The Atlantic.

Arresting developments: Too many American schools use police officers to enforce classroom discipline is from The Economist.

South Carolina Law on Disrupting School Faces Legal Challenge is from The New York Times.

What’s Changed In South Carolina Schools Since Violent Student Arrest is from NPR.