I published a two-part series on this topic at Ed Week.

I have lots of Common Core-related resources and lists, including many specifically about English Language Learners.

You can see them at A Collection Of My “Best” Lists On The Common Core.

Also, as regular readers know, my next book is on ELLs and the Common Core, and will be out in March.

In the meantime, though, I’m teaching a weekly class to teacher credential candidates at California State University, Sacramento, and wanted to identify a few of the very best ELL resources for English, Social Studies, Math and Science teachers, so they didn’t have to go hunting through all my “Best” lists.

So here are my choices:


Common Core Standards & English Language Learners

Implementing the Common Core for English Learners: Responses to Common Questions

Helping English-Language Learners Adapt Under the Common Core

Supporting ELLs in The Common Core Era

Teaching Strategies for ELLs in Content Classes – Part One

‘Every Teacher Is A Language Teacher’


Ways to Teach Common-Core Math to ELLs

Common-Core Math Standards Put New Focus on English-Learners

Understanding Language – Math


Language Demands and Opportunities in Relation to Next Generation Science Standards for English Language Learners: What Teachers Need to Know is from Understanding Language.

Seven Steps to Using Next Generation Science Standards with ELLs is from Common Core and ELLs.