I’ve written a lot over the years, in my books and in many posts and articles, about the importance of looking at English Language Learners through the lens assets and not deficits, and what that looks like in the classroom.

A new report was published today by the Jobs For The Future “think tank” that has gone into greater detail about the importance of educators and policymakers having that kind of positive perspective.

The Implications of Deeper Learning for Adolescent Immigrants and English Language Learners
, written by Patricia Gándara is a must-read for all ELL teachers (and teachers-to-be – I’ll be having the pre-service students in the Sacramento State University class I teach read it next week).

I hear the term “deeper learning” a lot, have heard different definitions of it, and still don’t quite know what it truly means. But you don’t have to know, or even care, about its meaning to get a whole lot out of this report.

Here’s an excerpt: