In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris last night, I thought that teachers would find it useful for me to bring links to all my international terrorist-related “Best” lists together in one post:

The Best Resources For Teaching & Learning About The Paris Attacks

The Best Ways To Teach About The Paris Massacre (about the Charlie Hebdo massacre earlier this year)

The Best Resources For Learning About The Islamic State & The Campaign Against It.

The Best Resources For Learning About What’s Happening In Syria

The Best Sites To Help Teach About 9/11

The Best Resources For Learning About Osama bin Laden

The Best Resources To Teach & Learn About The Terrorist Attacks In India

The Best Overviews Of The Boston Terror Attack

The Best Web Resources On The Iraq War

The Best Sites For Learning About The Afghanistan War

The Best Sites Sites For Discussing The Morality of Torture

The “Best” Resources For Learning About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Part Two Of Best Teaching Resources On Paris Attacks

Deaths by terrorism, 2001-2014 is an interactive from an Oregon newspaper (thanks to Google Maps Mania for the tip).

The plague of global terrorism is a chart from The Economist.

33 maps that explain terrorism is from Vox.