As expected, there have been some more thoughtful pieces written about Mark Zuckerberg’s charitable plans since I posted last night. Here are new additions to The Best Articles For Beginning To Understand Zuckerberg’s Announced $45 Billion “Charitable” Gift:

The Surprising Math In Mark Zuckerberg’s $45 Billion Facebook Donation is from Forbes.

Mark Zuckerberg and the Rise of Philanthrocapitalism is from The New Yorker.

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s huge new donation is going to an LLC rather than a charity is from Vox.

Why a German billionaire says that pledges like Mark Zuckerberg’s are really bad is from The Washington Post.

How Charitable Is Zuckerberg’s Plan Really? is from The Atlantic.

At the Primary School, funded with Zuckerberg fortune, education will start before birth is from The Washington Post.