Triventy is an online learning quiz-game site I recently learned about through Teacher’s Tech Toolbox.

It’s very similar to several other games on The “All-Time” Best Online Learning Games list (especially Quizalize and Quizizz ) — students play an online quiz together, and a “leaderboard” is shown after each question is answered (I talk about the benefits and challenges of this kind of feature at the “Best” post).  As with those other sites, you can create your own quiz or use one that has already been made.

The only negative feature I found on Triventy, which prevents me from adding it to that same Best list, is that it appears that the questions can only be moved forward by the teacher/moderator doing so – in other words, it must be used only with the quiz projected on a screen with students using mobile devices or computers to participate.  The other sites automatically move to the next question whenever an individual student answers one.  I hope they add that option soon (or perhaps it’s there and I just didn’t see it?).

Speaking of these types of games, Quizizz has just added a great feature — the ability to assign these quizzes as homework and to have teachers track student progress. It seems like Quizizz and Quizalize are in an on-going battle to add new features (again, you can read about them at the previously-mentioned “Best” list), and that can only benefit us and our students.

Because of that recent new feature, I’m also adding Quizizz to The Best Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress.