Daniel Willingham just shared a new report
on various aspects of Social Emotional Learning (I’d encourage you to read his comments).

It’s titled Ready To Be Counted:The Research Case for Education Policy Action on Non-Cognitive Skills and is from a group called Transforming Education, which appears to have a ton of heavy-hitters in the research field on its board.

I don’t think people who are familiar with this kind of research (see The Best Summaries/Reviews Of Research On Social Emotional Learning) are going to find much new in it, though it certainly is the most up-to-date summary of its kind and I’ll be adding it to that “Best” list.

In my quick perusal of the report, though, one particular part did stand-out — its section on how employers were looking for candidates with particular SEL skills. That part seemed new to me, and is a reason why I’m also adding this report to The Best Info On Skills Employers Are Looking For In Job-Seekers.