Along with reviews of major education news from the past year (see mine at the Washington Post, Best and worst education news of 2015 — a teacher’s list), there are also various predictions being made for 2015. I thought I’d begin a collection here.

You might also be interested in my list from last year, The Best Education Predictions For 2015.

And, of course, I’ll be adding this list to All My 2015 “Best” Lists In One Place.

This year’s list will begin today with just a couple of links, but I’ll be adding to it over the next week….

I have to start off with my own list of predictions that was published in The Washington Post, Eight education predictions (and some wishful thinking) for 2016 — a teacher’s list.

Outlook 2016: Education trends for the new year is from District Administration.

Predictions, Dumb and Otherwise, about Technology in Schools in 2025 is by Larry Cuban.

5 K-12 trends to watch in 2016 is from Education Dive.

6 Education Stories To Watch In 2016 is from NPR.

Let me know what I should be adding to this list…