I am very glad the U.S. Department of Education issued a letter yesterday calling on schools to prevent discrimination against Muslim students and to ensure that they are welcoming places (see Amid growing anti-Muslim sentiment, Education Department urges schools to prevent discrimination from The Washington Post).

This has been a big concern of many educators, and I’ve written about it and actions we’ve taken locally on the issue.

I also have to say that I was struck by the irony of the letter coming out the same day ICE began its announced plan to deport up to 15,000 immigrant families (see my previous post January Deportation Plans Could Create Havoc With Lives Of Families (& In Classrooms) and my tweet from today below):

Rumors of the ICE crackdown have certainly created a sense of fear among students in local schools.

Again, I’m very pleased to see the Ed Department letter. I just hope some people in the Obama Administration come to their senses and recognize irony and humanity soon….