I’ve written a lot about tools that students can use for annotating documents online (see Best Applications For Annotating Websites). I’m primarily interested in tools that don’t require any downloads at all because that makes it problematic for use in schools.

I recently learned from InterCom about a tool called Annotation Studio. It’s free and is from MIT.

You can upload any document in PDF or Word, or copy and paste it in yourself, and then:

  • Annotation Studio offers a unique combination of easy-to-use features:
  • Multimedia Annotations – Students can link images, video, and audio to texts.
  • Multi-textual annotation – Annotations can be linked to multiple texts, allowing students to connect a single comment to an original document and its adaptation.
  • Social Annotation – Students can share their comments with individual students, small workgroups, or the whole class.
    Collections – Faculty and students can create collections of texts.
    Advanced Search – Users have multiple filtering mechanisms for texts, tags, and annotations.
    Tagging – Students can create and add tags to annotations, creating folksonomies.

It looks like it may have some potential.