When we study Early Explorers in my English Language Learner World History class, I generally end it with a simple “exploration project.”

Students watch six videos (go to this class blog post and scroll down) and then respond to this prompt:

We have learned about some of the lives of these early explorers and what made them do what they did. Think for a minute about why they explored and write down what you remember. Then, watch these videos.

Next, make a poster, with text and drawings, that answer these questions:

1. Why do you think people explore? Give specific examples

2. Is it important to explore? Why or why not? (Be sure to read these three paragraphs) Give specific examples

3. What have you explored in the past and what do you want to explore in the future? Give specific examples and say how you have benefited and how you think you will benefit in the future?

Here are a few of the posters students made in response:




Let me know how you think I can improve this lesson!