Today, as you might have heard already, the Supreme Court has agreed to take up the lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s Executive Order on immigration and rule on it by June. This is great news, since there was fear the decision would be delayed much later.

Many of us who teach English Language Learners and other immigrant students have seen the positive impact his DACA actions have had on our students (see The Best Resources On The Obama Administration’s Plan To Partially Implement The DREAM Act) and the negative impact this month’s ICE raids in immigrant communities have had in our classrooms (see Great Letter From Feds On Importance Of Welcoming Muslim Students – Ironic That It Comes Same Day As ICE Raids Begin).

It’s obvious what the positive impact of a favorable ruling on the Obama plan could have on our students and their families — less stress, more economic opportunity, greater educational and professional possibilities.

Without a doubt, the best article on today’s Supreme Court decision and its implications can be found at Vox, The Supreme Court just took the case that will determine Obama’s immigration legacy.

I’m adding this post to The Best Resources On President Obama’s Executive Order On Immigration.

Here are two other useful “takes” on the case – one from NBC News, and a video from PBS:

Supreme Court’s Final Say On Immigration Expected to Impact Latino Vote is from NBC News.