One of the fun on-going activities I always do with my English Language Learner Geography class is connect with “sister classes” around the world. English classes in countries that we are studying videotape questions about the United States for our students to answer, and we tape questions about their countries. Then, of course, we each tape our respective responses.

You can see many of our past projects at Links To The Joint Projects My ELL Geography Class Did With Classes Around The World.

Our latest project is with Maria Theologidou’s English class in Greece.

You can see our questions to her students at our class blog here, and our responses to their questions here.

Here’s a sample of her students asking us questions:

It’s always a simple, engaging, and not-too-time consuming activity.

We’ve got sister classes lined-up for our study of France and Mexico, and are open and interested in connecting with classes in South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania still this school year. Anybody interested?