The primary “homework” I’ve usually given to my English Language Learners is working online with either Duolingo or Raz-Kids.

Recently, I’ve supplemented that with follow-up to the Concept Attainment-Plus writing instruction I’ve developed – at least for Intermediate ELLs.

For my Beginner students, recently, I’ve given them copies of an excellent book from Alta ESL Publishers titled Drawing Out. Most work with tutors in our school library after the regular school day ends, and the book provides simple and enjoyable activities Beginners can do with a a little assistance to get started. It promotes their language development and, importantly, they enjoy working on the activities. We then review their work the following day.

It’s a bit pricey at $35, but I think it’s worth it.

I’d love to hear of other book recommendations readers have….

I’m adding the book to The Fifteen Tech Tools & Non-Tech Resources I Use Most Often With My Students, which is now sixteen with the addition of “Drawing Out.”