Stephen Fry, who I had never heard of but who is apparently a well-known British actor and comedian, has just launched Pindex, a “Pinterest For Education.” You can read more about it here, and it has a user-guide here.

It really is a “knock-off” of Pinterest, so one might wonder why the world needs it. I think it might be useful to educators for two reasons — one, with luck, since it’s focused on education, school content filters might not block it as so many do Pinterest; and, secondly, because it has a nifty quiz-making feature that lets track if students have completed them. In other words, teachers can create a board which students study, followed by a quiz. After students complete a quiz (after they have registered for Pindex), their username appears under the quiz for its creator to see.

In some ways, it’s a somewhat more simple and easier to use TED-Ed lesson.

You’ve got to sign-up on a waiting list in order to receive an invitation to register. However, once you receive it, it looks like you can invite many others and, if you create a quiz, it looks like you can send pretty much anyone a link along with an invitation to join.

I’m adding it to The Best Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress.

Here’s a video on it for teachers: