The Smithsonian has produced an animated series professional development videos for teachers (with a focus on science educators) called Good Thinking.

I only looked at a couple of them, and they seem pretty weird to me.

However, some might be useful. For example, if you forward to the 4:20 or so mark in the video below on Metacognition, I think you’ll find some useful info, which is why I’m adding it to The Best Posts On Metacognition.

Here’s how they describe the series:

This original web series is designed to support K-12 science educators through targeted short-format videos that explore common student ideas and misconceptions about a range of science topics such as energy, chemical reactions, and natural selection, as well as pedagogical subjects like student motivation and the myth of left and right-brained people.

Let me know if you disagree with my opinion!

Good Thinking! — That's so Meta(cognitive)! from Smithsonian Science Ed Center on Vimeo.