We have quite a few students from The Marshall Islands at our school. I’ve shared related resources in various past posts, but I thought it would be useful for me to bring them all together.

I’ll be adding this list to The Best Geography Sites For Beginning & Intermediate English Language Learners:

The Secrets of the Wave Pilots is a big new story in The New York Times Magazine, and this is what has prompted to me to make this list.

Marshallese Poet Brings UN To Tears With Climate Change Poem & Provides Extraordinary Opportunity To ESL Teachers

Pacific Islander Poets Use Art, Stories to Urge Climate Action at UN Conference is from NBC News.

For The Marshall Islands, The Climate Goal Is ‘1.5 To Stay Alive’ is from NPR.

A Simple Lesson On Climate Change For English Language Learners

Climate Change Has Reached Our Shores is by the President Of The Marshall Islands, and appeared in the New York Times.

A ground zero forgotten: The Marshall Islands, once a U.S. nuclear test site, face oblivion again is from The Washington Post.



Check-out panoramic images of the islands.

Here’s a slideshow of the islands.

The Marshall Islands Journal is a local newspaper website.

Here’s a video report on weapons testing in the islands.

The BBC has a Marshall Islands country profile

Marshall Islands Facts comes from National Geographic.

This Arkansas Radio Station Became a Hub for People From the Marshall Islands is from NBC News.

We Are On The Front Line Of Climate Change, Marshall Islands President Says is from NPR.

‘We Need Support’: Pacific Islands Seek Help And Unity To Fight Climate Change is from NPR.

‘They Did Not Realize We Are Human Beings’ is from Politico. It’s about Marshall Islanders in Iowa.


Irradiated, Cheated and Now Infected: America’s Marshall Islanders Confront a Covid-19 Disaster is from Politico.

70 years ago, an H-bomb test went awry. We must never forget the fallout. is from The Washington Post.