I continue to be impressed with the CristinaSkyBox blog. It’s from there I learned about Opinion Stage, a free and easy tool for making online tests, polls and lists.

Cristina has her students use it to create tests for their classmates, and it obviously has multiple uses.

Here’s an example of one test:

It’s very easy to use and, once you’ve made your creation, you can either embed it or share its url address.

You can’t track student performance on tests but, if you’re having students create them, that’s not really the point, is it? You could display them on a screen to use them as all-class competitions in small groups.

I’m adding it to:

The Best Ways To Create Online Tests

The Best Sites For Creating Online Polls & Surveys

The Best Places Where Students Can Create Online Learning/Teaching Objects For An “Authentic Audience”

I also took the opportunity to update and revise all three of those lists.