As regular readers know, every year I do “One-Sentence Projects,” inspired by Dan Pink (you can see The Best Resources For Doing A “One-Sentence Project”).  Students write one sentence that they want people to say about them and their lives forty or fifty years into the future.

This year’s are a little different — I’m using the great new KnowMe app to have students narrate their one-sentences, along with three actions they are going to take during the remaining two-and-a-half months of school to further themselves toward that goal.

In light of a recent study I wrote about a few days ago related to the value of students (and anyone!) having a purpose to their lives (see Another Interesting Finding On The Value Of Having A “Purpose For Learning”), these kinds of “one-sentence projects” make a lot of sense.

Here’s the student hand-out I used: ONE SENTENCE PROJECT.  You can find the videos I used to introduce the project at the previously mentioned “Best” list.

Here’s a slideshow of part of the presentations. We’ll be finishing up the rest tomorrow: