A video emerged today of a San Antonio police officer body-slamming a sixth-grader in school.

This follows what happened in South Carolina last year (see The Most Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On South Carolina Officer’s Violent Arrest Of Student) and Baltimore last month (Awful Video: Baltimore School Police Officer Slapping & Cursing Student).

Listen, I get that sometimes students can get completely out of control and need to be physically restrained. But, really, body-slamming? A twelve-year-old?

You can read more about what happened in these articles:

Video Shows Texas School Officer Body-Slamming 12-Year-Old Girl is from The New York Times.

Texas School Cop On Leave After Video Shows Body-Slam of Student is from NBC News.

Here’s thoughtful commentary on it from Christian Torres in Ed Week: How Many Times Do We Need to Say We’re Hurting?