I regularly share the short-and-sweet international projects my ELL Geography class does with English classes around the world — we study a country, videotape questions we have about it, share them with an English class in located in the country, they respond to them and, in turn, share questions they have for us. We then answer them.

You can see many of these videos at Links To The Joint Projects My ELL Geography Class Did With Classes Around The World.

Our most recent sister class is with teacher David McKenzie in Guatemala (a country where I studied Spanish and which I love!).

Here’s the video with questions we sent to his students:

Here are their responses and questions for us in a very well-designed video, which we will answer next week:

It’s a fun and educational project — nothing beats having an “authentic” audience.

Oceania is the last geographical area we’ll be covering this year, so let me know if there are any English classes from there who are interested in working with us.

And I’ll certainly be interested in classes from around the world for next year!