Out here in California, we’ll be voting this year on an important ballot initiative this fall, the Multilingual Education Act.

It’s pretty big stuff and there seems to have been surprisingly little written about it – so far.

Here’s the best of the lot – and I’ll be adding more as I see them:

Conor Williams wrote an excellent piece for LA School Report, and it’s headlined Commentary: Why CA’s ‘Multilingual Education Act’ matters: Politics, language and Los Angeles’ future.

Why voters should end California’s limits on bilingual education is an Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Battle of bilingual education once again brewing in California appeared on the PBS News Hour site.

Dual language programs could get boost with initiative on November ballot is from Ed Source.

Proposition 58 would bring back bilingual education in California. And that’s a good thing. is from The L.A. Times.

Here’s CATESOL’s analysis of the initiative.

The Learning Curve: Deciphering the Bilingual Ed Ballot Measure is from The Voice of San Diego.

Bilingual education has been absent from California public schools for almost 20 years. But that may soon change is from The L.A. Times.

The Return Of Bilingual Education In California? is from NPR.

Bilingual benefit? Prop. 58 asks voters to undo “English first” vote is from CAL Matters.

The Complicated History Behind California’s Vote on Bilingual Education is from TIME.

California will bring back bilingual education as Proposition 58 cruises to victory is from The Los Angeles Times.

The “Genius” Of English Language Learners


Bilingual Education Returns To California. Now What? is from NPR.

Bilingual education is making a comeback in California. But some educators say the fight is just beginning is from The L.A. Times.

A hitch in California as bilingual education is restored is from The Washington Post.

California Prepares to Resume Bilingual Education is from Voice of America.

Bilingual Teacher Shortages in California: A Problem Likely to Grow is from The Learning Policy Institute.

Voter initiative opens door to expansion of popular dual language immersion programs is from Ed Source.

Spanish-speaking teachers getting special training to meet California’s demand for more bilingual teachers is from Ed Source.

Bilingual education advocates celebrate first new policy for English language learners in 20 years is from Ed Source.