Today, Education Week released a special report on teaching English Language Learners that is a must-read for anybody interested in ELLs, and it will remain one for a long time to come.

Too bad it came out the day after the final meeting of the Sacramento State University class I teach on educating ELLs.

The Ed Week report includes many articles and, my hat is off to them on this, there are Spanish-language versions of all of them.

A few of them are:

Teaching English-Language Learners: What Does the Research Tell Us?

Home-School Connections Help ELLs and Their Parents

English-Language-Learner Statistics

Quality Learning Materials Are Scarce for English-Language Learners

Here’s an excerpt from one of the articles:


The Ed Week series is a great companion to ASCD Educational Leadership’s wonderful February issue on ELLs.

I’ll add this post to The Best Resources For Learning How The Every Student Succeeds Act Affects English Language Learners.